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Elections for judges matter. We can't win without your vote. Judges saved us from President Trump's effort to overturn the 2020 and continue his madness in office. We need judges in Pennsylvania that will protect us from tyranny. That's Judge Lori Dumas.

Judge Dumas not only has the expertise, but she has also developed a mastery that fits the Commonwealth Court. This court lacks a voice of diverse substance and Judge Dumas possesses an experience that is simply critical for our state and nation. Judge Dumas's integrity, her commitment to her community which she fondly refers to as family, makes her a perfect fit for this court.

Her compassion for children and her community has given her tireless energy to give back to her community - from serving on boards like the Mann Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the LINKS, Inc. Her passion and humanity is simply what we need.


That's why I’m endorsing her for Commonwealth Court, she’s the perfect fit for this Court, right now.




When seeking justice, representation matters. Justice will not be served for all Pennsylvanians until the composition of our courts reflect the diversity of the people of Pennsylvania.  We are proud to endorse a slate of candidates who reflect the race, gender and richness of experience and backgrounds of people across the Commonwealth.



Recent decisions rendered by courts throughout this nation and particularly in Pennsylvania have highlighted the importance of having judges with integrity, experience in the law and a commitment to a better good, that’s why I am supporting Judge Lori  Dumas for the Commonwealth Court.

Lori A. Dumas is running for a seat on the Commonwealth Court to ensure that justice is availed to those appealing decisions taken by county and state agencies.  She wants to ensure these decisions are fair to each individual, without exception, and recognizes all of their rights, especially those disproportionately represented in these systems.



We need a judge who is committed to fighting against sex and human trafficking. Vote for Lori A. Dumas on May 18th, 2021.

Remember how important state judges were in stopping baseless claims of election fraud in 2020? Judge Lori Dumas... [is] running for the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, and needs your vote!

[Judge Dumas] has been repeatedly recognized for her excellent work and service to the community, and she has received numerous awards, recognitions and distinctions from a wide array of community, governmental and legal organizations. The candidate is well respected among her peers, being described as possessing intellectual curiosity and as being prepared for her judicial duties. Attorneys who appeared before the candidate describe her as fair with good judicial temperament. For these reasons, the commission recommends her candidacy for the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Union Local 22 is proud to endorse Judge Lori A. Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court in the upcoming... election. As a judge on the Court of Common Pleas, Judge Dumas has made life-altering impacts in serving fair and equal justice for the most vulnerable children and families in thousands of trials. We offer our full support to help elect Judge Dumas.