Election Timeline & Petition Period

Updated: Mar 6

Judge Dumas is well on her way to becoming Pennsylvania’s newest Commonwealth Court judge, with recent endorsements by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta, and State Representative Austin Davis. Her almost two decades of judicial experience is truly going to be an asset as we proceed closer to the election.

There are some milestones that Judge Dumas, and others seeking judicial election, will have to reach before the vote this November, however.

Petition Signatures

First, those who want to appear on the primary ballot will need to submit a petition for their name to be included. This petition must include 1,000 in-person signatures, with at least 100 from each of at least 5 counties. These in-person signatures will pose a special challenge this year as the pandemic continues to pose a threat across the state.

Judge Dumas and her team are dedicated to collecting these signatures in the safest way possible and using outdoor locations whenever available. The candidates have from February 16th until March 9th to collect all these signatures, so the Judge Dumas campaign team is hard at work identifying locations and events. Keep an eye on the Judge Dumas Facebook page for the latest details!

The Primary Election

Next is the primary election, held on May 18th, 2021.

The primary election lets those in each party determine their favored candidate. This practice in some state elections may unofficially decide the winner; for example, if a Republican state frequently elects a Republican governor, then the winner of the Republican primary is likely the overall winner.

However, this is not the case in Pennsylvania’s judicial elections. Judges shed their partisan affiliations after they take the bench, so it’s a different kind of partisan association and is truly anyone’s game.

The Municipal Election

Then, of course, we have the main election this November 2nd, 2021. The deadline for absentee or mail-in voting is also the same day. Interestingly, Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation that holds judicial elections solely in odd-numbered years.

Of course, this is the big one - the vote that makes all the difference! We’re excited to have you along on our journey as Judge Dumas runs for a seat on the Commonwealth Court. Her dedication to the community is unparalleled and her experience is unmatched. Join us as we work towards her victory in 2021! Register to vote and vote early here!


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