Why Campaign Fundraising?

There’s no way around it: campaign fundraising is absolutely critical for any campaign, regardless of party, policy, or personality.

Why does campaign fundraising matter?

Having the right amount of funding throughout an entire campaign allows the candidate to spread his or her message far and wide. No matter how strong your message is or how passionately you want to do right by your constituents, if no one knows who you are, you’ll never be elected.

Introducing the marketing concept of “The Rule of 7,” which states that prospective buyers need to see your company’s name at least seven times before they’ll buy from you. Of course, marketing and a judicial race aren’t quite the same thing, and this rule may need to be adjusted for recent years, but the idea remains. Repetition matters, especially in an election with multiple candidates.

Where do the funds go?

The federal government has strict regulations on how campaign finances are used. Campaign operations are a huge piece of the pie: from videographers to event planners, a successful campaign requires some serious support. Every campaign is run by dozens of individuals committed to helping the candidate win. These individuals require printed materials, marketing and promotions resources, travel, event management tools, website and online vendors, and much more.

These resources help qualified candidates like Judge Dumas effectively convey her values, demonstrate her unique qualifications, and gain support from Pennsylvania residents.

More Than Money

While the funds are certainly very important for spreading the word, fundraising is also a fundamentally social endeavor. To raise the right funding, a campaign needs strong organization, deep-reaching community ties, and the ability to cultivate lasting partnerships.

A candidate who demonstrates these key qualities - like Judge Dumas has done - forms a solid network in the community. These relationships with businesses, community partners, and voters like you are essential for effectively staying in touch with changing social needs, community representation, and impartial understanding of current topics.

You Can Support Judge Dumas

Judge Dumas is demonstrably the most qualified, impartial, and effective candidate for Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court. She has a strong set of values rooted in integrity and community. This year, Judge Dumas is spreading her message far and wide, rallying Pennsylvania to vote for the judge we need to see representing our interests! Help her by donating to the Judge Dumas campaign today!

Make your voice heard! Donate any amount to the campaign now.


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