Democracy For America To Launch 501(C)4 Focused On Voting Rights And Structural-Democracy Reforms

Updated: Jul 31

The 501(c)4 Will Focus Its Initial Efforts on Structural Democracy Reform

(Vermont) -- Progressive political action committee Democracy for America (DFA) is taking its brain trust and passion for movement work and launching Democracy for America Advocacy Fund (DFA-AF), a 501(c)4 advocacy group that will initially focus on structural democracy reform, and then later expand to include its other critical progressive issue advocacy and organizing work.

DFA Advocacy Fund will capitalize on the 17 years of movement experience, loyalty and credibility found with DFA and extend that legacy of progressive leadership into work on the issues that uphold and fortify American democracy, as well as promote people-focused reforms and initiatives that make America work for all citizens by uplifting the New American Majority.

Led by Yvette Simpson, who will serve as president, DFA-AF is hitting the ground running. Former Maine U.S. Senate candidate and social activist Betsy Sweet will administer the work on the initial pillars of focus: ending the filibuster; the use of ranked-choice voting; and combating voter suppression while expanding voting rights. Building upon DFA’s fully developed, battle-tested movement infrastructure, DFA-AF will create a throughline from the campaign work started by DFA to the structural democracy reform for which progressives fight.

“We have to approach this moment with the urgency it deserves. Democracy is in our name. Democracy is at the heart of everything this organization has done since our founding. Right now, our democracy is fragile and Republicans are actively attempting to dissolve our democracy both in Washington and in states all across the country. Democracy for America Advocacy Fund will stand up and fight back against forces determined to destroy the fabric of the democracy we hold dear,” said Yvette Simpson.

“The life of our democracy is under threat. Without preserving and expanding its structural cornerstones, we could lose it. DFA Advocacy Fund is uniquely positioned to take on the fight of our lives. If we don't address the peril our democracy is in, we will make no progress on all the things that Americans need and want now like health care, criminal justice reform, addressing institutional racism, and meaningful climate change action” said Betsy Sweet.


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